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Unique Home Solutions: September is Fall Prevention Month

It doesn’t take much to slip and take a nasty fall, but the crew with Unique Home Solutions is giving us a few tips to help keep us safe!

September is Fall Prevention month and a great opportunity to educate older Americans and the general public on the dangers of falls and how to prevent them.

Falls are not only a medical issue but can also be a financial burden. $34 billion was cost of falls in 2013 … 1/3 of Americans 65+ fall each year and according to the NCOA (National Council on Aging), every 13 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall.

Towel racks or Grab Bar/Shower door handles can give a false sense of security if they are not installed as securely.  Don’t wait until you NEED one to get them installed.

Climbing up a ladder for simple tasks can be hazardous and if you are climbing up a ladder over 4ft it requires assistance of a 2nd person for ultimate safety. If you need to clean out your gutters, wash windows, fix shingles …be sure someone is there to assist you or hire an expert! We lose balance as we age so, stay off the ladder!

Some things homeowners can look for in their own homes that might be unsafe include broken/uneven walkways, dark entrances, loose/frayed rugs/carpet, electrical cords, slippery flooring in wet areas, drawer pulls that can catch on clothing

Things that can be done to make the home more safe is to have a gutter protection system installed (no more cleaning out gutters), install new windows (tilt in for easier cleaning and more efficient), replace worn out siding (no climbing up ladder to paint), get that 20+ year old roof inspected by a professional like Unique Home Solutions.

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