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Virtual Interview Success Series Part 3: Be effective with your words

Virtual interviews are here to stay and if you’re looking to get that next great opportunity, how you show up in the video interview really matters.  In Part 1 of this series, I showed you how to prepare for success, in part 2 I shared tips and tricks for how to show up as your best self in your next video interview. In Part 3, Lisa Mitchell, communications expert & founder of Power Body Language focuses on how you can use your words to be effective and memorable during a virtual interview.  

1. Use Words To Show Your Excitement About The Opportunity   

It’s easy to come off as having a lower energy when interviewing on video versus being in the same room with someone. In addition to the body language and presentation tips I shared in Part 2 of this series, leveraging your word choice to clearly articulate your excitement helps the interviewing both see and hear that you are really excited to be in the interview and are looking forward to the opportunity. 

Words and phrases such as “I’m excited to…” “I’m looking forward to learning more” or “I’m really interested in hearing more about…”can help convey your level of interest and excitement in plain terms. 

2. Paint a clear picture with your words and stories  

When you’re interviewing over video when you can’t be quite as animated as you might be if you were sitting across from someone, using your words and telling detailed stories to help the interviewer really “see” the point your driving home or skill that you’re showcasing can be a really effective way to help them picture you in the role they are offering and being a valuable part of their team. 

3. Have A Few Well-Formulated Questions Prepared

Prior to signing in for your video interview, prepare a few specific and relevant questions that you can ask the interviewer that will either show you’ve researched the company and role well, are interested in the future strategy and success metrics of the role and company, and illustrate you’ve thoroughly prepared for the opportunity to interview with them. 

You want to leave them with the impression that you’re serious about the role, well-prepared to fill the position that is being offered, and a good fit for their company and future goals. 

Using your words strategically, whether to tell a story about your skills or to ask engaging questions that show you’ve done your homework on the company, is a great way to create a positive experience for both yourself and the interviewer in a virtual setting.

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