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We Try It: Ergo Chef Tongs

We Try It: Ergo Chef Tongs

The utensils you are cooking with are just as important as the food you are preparing.

Ergo Chef Locking DUO Tongs is a simple yet mighty tool that is sure to be a chef must have. From fancy Easter feasts to outdoor grilling, DUO Tongs will be the hardest working utensil in your arsenal for all your upcoming events.

As the name implies, DUO Tongs have a one-of-a-kind dual construction. The BPA-free silicone side is safe for non-stick pans and heat resistant to 500 degrees F. The stainless steel side is great for extra grip and use on aluminum or stainless steel pans or grills. It doesn’t stop there. The ergonomic angled head is perfect for picking up delicate foods and the slotted head easily drains liquids for no mess. With a comfort non-slip grip and heavy duty spring for precise control, these are the only tongs you’ll need for any and all methods of cooking. And when your job is made easy, you have time for more important things-like spending time with your family and friends. The DUO Tongs are available in three sizes: 9″, 12″, 15″.

Retail price: $11.99 – $16.99.

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