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“We Try It: Kids’ Club”– Amber’s kids test out today’s products

So. Much. Fun!

We take a trip back into Amber’s home this morning to check in with Avery and Ledger, who test today’s products that are just for kids:

bbluv– Silicone Plate and Spoon Set

The Plates: A portioned plate is definitely necessary for the holidays. This is our favorite as it suctions to the table to prevent messes at holiday dinner!
Miäm – Silicone plate & spoon set
The perfect plate from the first mouthfuls and for many years. With its suction base, it will make parent’s life easier.
• Curved-edges facilitates self-feeding
• Minimize messes by placing straight edges closest to child
• 4 separate compartments
• Strong built-in suction base hidden under the plate suitable for any surface
• Microwave and dishwasher safe
• Durable, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial silicone
• Safe food grade silicone. Free from BPA, Phthalates, and PVC
• Includes a soft, safe and flexible spoon

Kiddazzle KidCover

The Outfit: There is nothing like ruining a pretty outfit with spills! This smock has you covered — it covers the full body, has a bib for a catchall AND looks like real clothes!
The KidCover™ is a unique, innovative and patent pending product that combines the best features of a bib and smock to ensure your child’s clothing is protected from messy foods and art projects. The KidCover™ is a fun, functional and fashionable product that lets your child make a mess without causing you to stress. The large pocket catches falling food and liquids that always seem to miss your child’s mouth.
The bib portion of KidCover™ is made with 100% food grade silicone, which is non-toxic and hygienic as it is naturally resistant to bacteria. The smock portion is constructed using polyester with a waterproof coating.
The KidCover™ is BPA free, PVC free, lead free and phthalate free. The material is easily wipeable, machine washable, waterproof, and stain and odour resistant. It is durable enough to withstand repeated use by even the most frequent of eaters.
It is sized to fit babies and toddlers six months and up.
The KidCover™ has a size adjustable neck strap, with a fastener that is easy to open and close, so it can quickly be secured onto the squirmiest of toddlers.
Tremendous thought was given to even the finest details when creating the KidCover™, resulting in a premium product that works as well as it looks. The KidCover™ makes a fashion statement whether your kid is attending a black-tie affair or enjoying a casual meal at home.
While the amazing silicone pocket captures most food, the KidCover™ also includes extra-long material to keep laps clean. The neck is specifically designed to keep collars fresh, and the cuffs that are snug enough to keep sleeves dry, but stretchy enough to fit over pudgy baby hands.

The Pipsticks Kids Club is perfect for budding sticker lovers ages 3+. Each sticker pack is totally child-friendly (so kiddos can use them independently!), with stickers that are just right for little fingers, and themes designed to inspire creativity. Our Kids sticker pack comes with a collectible GIANT puffy sticker (it’s HUGE), scratch n’ sniff Pipstickers, and interactive sticker sheets (DIY robots, fish, snow globes!) that will spark their imaginations. They are perfect for rewards, collecting, adding to a sticker book, or using in arts and crafts!

The Activity: Keeping the kids entertained during a fancy meal is a challenge and finding an activity outside of technology is an even bigger challenge. However, Pipsticks holiday stickers are a PERFECT option. From Thanksgiving to winter to holidays, there is a pack for all!
Who said stickers are just for kids?! The Pipsticks Pro Club puts a sophisticated spin on sticker love and is great for grown up sticker lovers, as well as tweens and teens. Each collection is designed around a pretty color palette so that the stickers can be used together in your journal, planner, and crafting. Pipsticks has taken sticker design to the next level with super fine details, and glitter, foil, and neon finishes. So, dust off your sticker book and get ready to fall in love with stickers all over again!