Indy Style

We Try It: Products to improve your wine drinking experience

Sometimes there’s nothing better than ending a long day with a glass of wine, and in today’s “We Try It” segment Amber has some products that will help make your drinking experience even better. Take a look.

VinOstream Wine Aerator and Dispenser

  • The fastest and easiest way to aerate and dispense wine
  • Soft Rubber Stopper creates air-tight seal 
  • Dispenser draws up and filters wine into the glass, exposing the liquid to air to achieve fine aeration for softened flavors and enhanced aromas
  • Fits most wine bottles
  • For red and white wines
  • 2 cartridges included
  • MSRP: $28

Wine Nook

Change the way you drink box wine with Wine Nook! The Wine Nook is an adorable alternative to the not-so-classy cardboard box that bagged wine usually comes in. Perfect for all events, simply tuck your wine away in this handcrafted party accessory and let your guests serve themselves! 


The brand is pleased to partner with all of their customers who are medical professionals or health and wellness clinics as they serve on the front lines with the COVID-19 related stress issues caring for patients. Since wine has well established health benefits and is able to help reduce stress, the brand is providing free supplies of Wands to all of the medical practices that are currently distributing PureWine products to their patients who suffer from wine sensitivities.