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WE TRY IT: Roto Brain, Pooch Paper and SandyBumz

So. Much. Fun! That SandyBumz? GENIUS! Here’s a look at today’s “We Try It” products:

We all know and love the Rubik’s cube, but isn’t it time for the next evolution? Roto Brain is just that, but so much more. Designed to stimulate the brain, encourage cognitive function, enhance critical thinking skills, and provide hours of unplugged fun this puzzle cube takes puzzle-solving to the next level! Its endless color combinations captivate the user and encourage brain-building thinking strategies.
Perfect for ages 8-100, Roto Brain makes a great gift, boredom buster, and travel essential. Plus, it’s perfect for fidgety adults and kids alike! At just $19.99, everyone needs a Roto Brain!
Just named as one of the Top Toys for 2020!

Available on or

Dog Waste Gets a Green Makeover with Shark Tank Success Pooch Paper

Join award-winning television producer Tracy Rosensteel and her beloved French Bulldog Little Boo as they work to save our planet one pup at a time with the help of Pooch Paper!

Pooch Paper is an environmentally-friendly alternative crafted from recycled, 100% biodegradable and compostable paper.

The Pooch Paper Difference:
100% biodegradable
• 100% compostable (hello green bin!)
• Made with recycled non-bleached paper fibers
• Created with a grease resistant coating to keep waste in its place
• Manufactured using renewable energy
• Proudly made in the USA

Since hitting the market in 2019, Pooch Paper debuted on Shark Tank this past fall. Pooch Paper is available to all consumers, but is also preparing to launch in dispensers in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles!

Simply grab, twist, and toss to do your “doodie” for a greener tomorrow.

To learn more visit or check out their IG @PoochPaper

Sandy Bumz
Story of SandyBumz
Sandy Bumz is more than a product, it’s family. Created in 2015, Sandy Bumz was developed by Jessica, a mother of 3 who always loved going to the beach but didn’t want to come back all covered in sand.
She developed Sandy Bumz, a lightweight, easy to use product that keeps you and your family clean and safe from pests.
Sandy Bumz is perfect for the beach, the park and anywhere you and your family want to sit in comfort outdoors.