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We Try It: Sand-free beach towel, portable safe

Amber is back with a new “We Try It” segment, and this time she has a couple of products that will make your trip to the beach more enjoyable by keeping your belongings safe and sand-free.

FlexSafe by AquaVault

Never worry about Dad’s stuff being stolen when going for a swim at the beach or riding his mountain bike on the trails! Lock phones, wallets, and other valuables up to a bike, lounge chair, jogging stroller & more. The FlexSafe is slash resistant, water resistant, has an RFID blocking layer inside so thieves cannot scan credit cards and has a customized, high quality 3 digit re-settable combination lock. A must for any outdoor adventurer! 

Tesalate Towels

Who knew the perfect towel existed? Incredibly compact, absorbent, and fast-drying, these are the ideal towel to pack on Dad’s next adventure… or just trip to the beach! The original sand-free beach towel, each towel is made with exclusive absorblite fabric so sand does not stick to the towel. Ingenious! Available in single and double sizes in over 40 gorgeous designs.