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Weekend Movie Picks with The Film Yap

In the mood for some entertainment? Ready to head to the movies? This weekend is the perfect time to do just that.

The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd has a look at what’s playing:

New in Theaters:

The Father — Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman shine in this engrossing look at the relationship between a father suffering from dementia and his conflicted daughter. Read more

Dutch — This notably awful crime drama is chock full of painfully amateurish acting, cartoonish characters, egregious stereotypes and dialogue that lands like a bowling ball dropped onto polished marble. Read more

Quo Vadis, Aida? — Aida is a United Nations translator working in a small town when the Serbian army invades and she has to look for her family in this war drama.

Long Weekend — Finn Wittrock plays an aspiring writer who meets a mysterious woman who turns his life upside down. With Zoe Chao.

New On Digital/Demand:

Cosmic Sin — Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo play soldiers who take the fight to a newly discovered alien race in this science fiction actioner. Big guns, cool armor suits! Read more

Cool on Streaming:

Cherry — Tom Holland ditches the Spidey suit for this gritty drama about a soldier suffering from PTSD who becomes addicted to drugs and starts robbing banks. Now on Apple TV+. Read more

Hitchcock Day:

My favorite Hitch: Vertigo — This surprisingly twisted psychological thriller puts Jimmy Stewart through the paces as a retired cop who becomes obsessed with a dead woman. Read more

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