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What causes a dog to be possessive over people?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Have you ever noticed your dog being protective or possessive over you?

This possessiveness can lead to some unwanted behaviors in dogs, and Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined “Indy Style” to tell viewers more. He was joined by Reggie, a Great Dane, and the dog’s owner, Jackson.

First, we must understand possessiveness in a dog. It can come from a feeling of ownership over the human. It can also result in possessive protection, which is different than threat protection.

So, what causes possessiveness in dogs? It can manifest in a dog leaning their body weight against people, sitting on their feet or lap, or muzzle punching. It can also look like rooting down in elevated spaces and can be triggered by high-pitched vocal interaction from humans toward the dog.

Finally, what are some of those unwanted effects of possessiveness in dogs? In a dominant dog, it can look like charging at guests or strangers, growling, snapping or biting. In a submissive dog, it can be interference, nervous barking, or ignoring corrections or commands.

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