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What goes into making the perfect BBQ sauce, barbecue tips and tricks

This Father’s Day you can treat dad to a dinner and gift combo with the Rooster’s Kitchen and Centerpoint Brewery Gift Kit. For $55, it includes pulled pork for 4-people, BBQ sauce, collard greens, mac-and-cheese, a $20 Centerpoint Brewery gift card and two Centerpoint Brewery logo pint glasses.

Ross Katz, owner/operator of Rooster’s Kitchen joined us this morning to show us how to make the perfect BBQ sauce to pair with your Father’s Day meal. Here’s more from him:

Difference between Barbecuing and Grilling:

Barbecuing is meant for larger tougher cuts of meat that are cooked over hardwood for an extended period of time.

  • Example: Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket etc.

Grilling is typically reserved for the luxury cuts, and is done either over high heat for shorter period of time.

  • Burgers, Steaks, Chicken breasts, sausages

Lighting your coals:

My favorite method is to use a chimney.

  • Layer paper soaked in vegetable oil with lump charcoal, and light the bottom. Let burn until most all of the coals are grey and glowing red.
  • I avoid lighter fluid, because it can give an off flavor to the meat, and I prefer to use the least amount of chemicals as possible.
  • I like lump hardwood charcoal for the same reason. Briquettes have caking agents and binders. I want nothing but wood in my fire.

Choosing your wood

Wood species

I like fruit woods mixed with Oak. Both are somewhat mild. The fruit wood will give it a sweetness while the oak gives a great subtle background.

Be careful with woods like Hickory or Mesquite. They are good to blend with lighter woods, but their intense flavors can over power the meat and sometime make it bitter.

Types of wood

  • Logs – Leave this one to the pros. Most of the time whole logs are used by folk who are using the wood for not just the smoke but also for their heat source.
  • Chunks – This is good for long smokes with steady heat. Something that will go over night
  • Chips – My preference. I soak my chips and add them to the top of already hot coals. This adds the smoke, but allows me to control heat through my coals.
  • Pellets – These are good if you have a specialized contraptions or an electric smoker. Be sure to get the pellets that are free of binders or fillers.

Picking your Meat

How much time do you have?

  • The bigger the cut, and the more tough the meat, the longer you will want to cook it.

What equipment do you have?

  • How big is your smoker, does it take a lot of tending to, does it get really hot, or does it run on the cool side?

Where are you sourcing it?

  • Local is always better. Avoid commodity meat where possible. Direct to farmer is always best i.e. Becker Farms.

Avoid luxury cuts. Go with something cheaper. They often have the most connective tissue and fat. Which cooked right turn into flavor. Have fun, challenge yourself, and enjoy!

You can pickup your Father’s Day Gift Kit at, Centerpoint Brewery, 1125 E Brookside Ave Suite 2B, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

For more about Rooster’s Kitchen and to purchase a Father’s Day Gift Kit visit, the Rooster’s Kitchen website.