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What you “auto” know ahead of Memorial Day weekend on the road

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer travel season, and with gas prices low, some experts are calling this the year of the road trip! In fact, AAA predicts that it will make nearly 350,000 roadside rescues this Memorial Day Weekend, and that more than half of all Americans are planning to hit the road this summer.

Today on Indy Style, we chat “travel safety tips” with Robert Sinclair of AAA, along with Tire and Driving Safety Expert Sarah Robinson, from Michelin.

Here are a few services to help you get the most out of your summer getaway:

Oil Change: Oil lowers friction to help keep your engine cool. It also keeps intricate engine parts moving smoothly. When oil is old or dirty, it’s more sticky and scratchy, which makes your engine run hotter and wear out parts faster. Regular oil changes are important, so when you stop by we’ll check your manufacturer’s recommendations to determine when your exact make and model is due. Shop Oil Change Service

Tire Rotation: Tires tend to wear unevenly, especially on the front axle, where they lean into corners and cause uneven wear along tire edges. Rear tires just follow the fronts, so they tend to wear more evenly. That’s why regular tire rotations promote even wear and longer tire life. We recommend a rotation approximately every six months, or every 6,000 miles, but we’ll check the manufacturer’s recommendations specific to the make and model of your vehicle for proper maintenance guidelines. Shop Tire Rotation Service

Coolant Fluid Exchange: Engines create so much heat that they would melt into a solid block of metal if not cooled properly, particularly during long trips. Our Coolant Fluid Exchange service makes sure your coolant is clean and fresh so it can keep your engine cool and humming happily.

Brake Check: Brakes work by friction, and naturally wear down with use. Our complementary Brake Check Service inspects brake pads, rotors, shoes and hydraulics so you can count on safe, fast and quiet stops. Shop Brake Check Service

22-Point Inspection: This free inspection checks your A/C, battery, head- and taillights, wiper blades and fluid, and many other hardworking parts that we rely on during every drive. Before you start your journey, it’s a good idea to check that they’re all up to snuff. Shop 22-Point Inspection

Stop by any of our stores, and we’ll make sure your car is road-trip ready!

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