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What do race cars have to do with the way we pay for things? You’re about to find out! The first-ever Formula E Race is coming to the U.S. this week. Visa is putting a stake in the ground and leading the charge toward a cashless culture in the U.S., and the setting will be electric race cars speeding through New York City streets!

Joining us from the track today is Formula E Driver and former Formula One Driver Nelson Piquet Junior, alongside Visa Executive Jack Forestell.  


  • AMAZING RACETechnology and the speeds Formula E cars can reach
  • GOING CASHLESSInside the national campaign to incentivize merchants
  • CULTURE SHOCKThe future and how we’re moving to a cashless culture

Formula E car

The fully-electric FIA Formula E Championship is designed as an ‘open championship’ like Formula 1 where participating manufacturers and constructors can build and race their own vehicles. However in its first year, Formula E provides the teams with the developed Spark-Renault SRT_01E battery electric race car. From season two constructors are able to develop and race their own powertrain.

The cars for the inaugural season are built by the French company Spark Racing Technology, led by Frédéric Vasseur and works together with renowned firms from motorsport:

– The Italian firm Dallara constructed the monocoque chassis, which is aerodynamically designed to aid overtaking

– McLaren Electronics Systems provided the electric powertrain and electronics

– Williams Advanced Engineering, part of the Williams group (which includes the Williams F1 Team), supplied batteries

– Hewland supplied the paddle shift sequential gearbox

– Renault oversaw the systems integration

– Michelin specially designed 18″ all-weather tires

For more information, visit: www.visa.com/cashless


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