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What’s new in theaters this weekend

If you’re looking to catch a movie this weekend, here’s what’s playing! The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd shares the list:

New in Theaters:
Mank — Gary Oldman stars in this Oscar-bait drama looking at Hollywood screenwriting legend Herman J. Mankiewicz as he worked with Orson Welles on “Citizen Kane.”
Sound of Metal — Riz Ahmed plays a dead-end heavy metal band drummer who discovers he’s rapidly losing his hearing. With Olivia Cooke.
Vanguard — An accountant is targeted for assassination by criminals, so he needs the world’s greatest security expert: Jackie Chan. Get ready for guns ‘n’ chop-socky!
The Last Vermeer — Guy Pearce plays an art dealer who is accused of selling a valuable painting to the Nazis in this historical drama.
New On Digital/Demand:
Dreamland — Margot Robbie stars as a Depression era gun moll who romances a Texas teen in this gorgeous-looking drama. Read more


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