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Wine Market & Table showcases new location, menu — Chef makes brunch Bacon & Eggs, Chicken & Waffles

This local restaurant is back and better than ever! The Wine Market recently rebranded as Wine Market and Table to reflect an evolution of its brand, expanded menu and elevated diner experience. Chef Dan Nichols, Wine Market & Table’s head chef, joined us today to prepare a couple of dishes from Wine Market & Table’s brunch menu.

On October 8, the restaurant opened in a new location at 1110 Shelby Street, just down the street from its former space in Fountain Square.

Wine Market & Table has evolved from a wine shop to a neighborhood bar and restaurant designed to offer a place for neighbors to gather and enjoy great-tasting, affordable food, wine and cocktails.

Wine Market & Table is excited to enhance the diner experience through its new menu and larger restaurant and bar space.

Owners Zachary Davis and Kris Bowers designed the menu in collaboration with Chef Dan Nichols, an award-winning chef from Detroit, Michigan.

The seasonal menu will feature offerings ranging from small plates such as Roasted Beet Tartare and Char Siu Pork Bao to big plates including Walleye Fillet, Duck Breast and Bavette Steak. The menu also includes handhelds, salads and daily brunch.

Several of the ingredients on the menu are locally sourced from farms in Indiana, and many of the fish-based dishes are sourced from the Great Lakes when possible, including walleye from Lake Michigan and salmon from Lake Superior.

In addition to the approachable, high-quality wine selection the restaurant has become known for since its opening in 2017, Wine Market and Table has expanded its drink offerings to include beer and spirits.  

The restaurant is open for brunch, lunch and dinner six days a week – Tuesday through Sunday.

Bacon & Eggs: Peach glazed pork belly burnt ends, 2 eggs any style, and roasted fingerling hash.

  • To make this dish unique from the traditional breakfast version, Chef utilizes the ends and sides of Wine Market & Table’s house braised duroc pork belly trimmed from the blackberry glazed pork belly entree on our dinner menu. The dish is served with skillet hash and 2 eggs cooked to order.
  • The pork is cubed and braised in a Jamaican Jerk spiced white peach BBQ sauce, and finished in a sauté pan until deeply caramelized to resemble the coveted burnt ends found in most BBQ joints.
  • The skillet hash consists of pan roasted fingerling potatoes, green bell peppers, and sweet onions.
  • The 2 eggs are cage and hormone free, and cooked to the guests liking.
  • This is a great dish full of big flavors, but eats rather light, and would be best enjoyed with any of the fall flavored cocktails currently on our menu or a carafe of mimosas.

Chicken & Waffles: cornflake chile crusted boneless fried chicken, Belgian waffle with panda, hot honey maple syrup, fresh blueberries, banana and Chantilly cream.

  • A brunch staple, Wine Market & Table prepares a buttermilk Belgian style waffle topped with corn flake-chili spiced fried chicken tenderloins garnished with hot honey and maple syrup, fresh fruit and Chantilly cream.
  • The waffle is a traditional Belgian style batter with the addition of pandan extract, a southeast Asian plant that imparts hints of vanilla and coconut and the slightest hint of grass. It gives the waffle a bright green color which gives the dish a unique look as well as taste.
  • The chicken tenderloins are coated with crushed corn flakes, and fried golden brown.
  • The hot honey is spiced with cayenne pepper and chipotle chiles, and is combined with natural maple syrup for a tasty blend of sweet, Smokey heat.
  • The dish is garnished with fresh fruit and a dollop of chantilly cream.
  • This dish is perfectly suited to be enjoyed with any of our fall flavored cocktails, champagne, or wine spritzer.
  • In addition to the dishes he’ll be preparing, Chef Dan will also bring a few dishes from the menu for display on the table during the segment including devilled eggs, potted trout, charcuterie board and corn crème brûlée.

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