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Women’s Adventure Giveaway

Women’s Adventure Giveaway

Know a woman who needs a break? Who needs to slow down and go on an adventure? If so, this is the contest for HER!

Danielle Wolter Nolan and Kate Nolan, Co-founders, DNK Presents, share more about the 5th annual 2020 Women’s Adventure Giveaway! Here’s more:

Anyone can nominate on the DNK Presents website telling us why, in 500 words or less, a woman should win an exclusive 4-day wilderness adventure with us. Nominations are only open until Feb. 29th! The Giveaway will be hosted in northwestern Georgia and this year is bigger and better than ever. We will have our staple activities taking place – backpacking and mountain biking, as well as some new activities that we have never done before!

Who should you nominate? We listed some ideas to get your brain jogged below!
• Overworked, selfless, caring individual
• Busy parent
• Overcame an obstacle or challenge in her life
• Needs something good to look forward to
• Needs to slow down
• Goes above and beyond in her home life, at work, community, etc.
• Would love to do something like this but would never do it because, lack of time, money, confidence, etc.
Please check our website for a list of requirements, must be available the weekend of May 14-17, be ok to not have a cell phone for 4 days and open to trying new outdoor activities!

What will the Giveaway winners get? Over $1,500.00 in free gear, get to try new exciting activities with professional awesome guides, make lasting friendships, build confidence, and be unplugged in nature for 4 days, just to name a few

We are in the process of turning the Women’s Adventure Giveaway into a non-profit (Live Adventurously) so we can grow the program to more areas and offer it to more deserving women in underserved communities. We are accepting board applications and donations now!

If you want to get an idea of what the adventure is like check out our award-winning documentary film “Live Adventurously” now available to see full length on YouTube:
Film website:

About DNK Presents:
DNK Presents organizes and guides empowering adventure experiences for individuals, groups, and businesses. They focus on getting people to step outside their comfort zones, try something for the first time and gain confidence through experiential learning. Their adventures range from backpacking, mountain biking, water activities, and wellness retreats.

To learn more, visit: – Nominate for the 2020 Women’s Adventure Giveaway
Watch “Live Adventurously”:

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