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Kid-ing with Kayla: Indy’s new Elevance Health Ice Skating Rink

Kid-ing with Kayla: Ice Skating in downtown Indianapolis

Kid-ing with Kayla: Since my son is only four, I was a little nervous he would be too scared to ice skate but he absolutely loved it thanks to the Elevance Health Rink Bicentennial Unity Plaza skating aids.

The aids are like walkers for people who aren’t used to skating on ice. I’m not too proud to admit I needed one, too. Allan was able to sit on it at first just to get used to the ice and then eventually he was skating with it!

I absolutely loved the vibe of the plaza. Everything was clean, the music was fun and the refreshments were seasonal. Extra bonus for adults, they also serve alcoholic beverages!

Allan enjoyed a hot chocolate and danced in the reflection of the new bicentennial arch.

Tickets for the new rink are available here.

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Kid-ing with Kayla: Ice Skating in Indy

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