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Kid-ing with Kayla: Managing time away from kids with Rachel Platten

On today’s “Kid-ing with Kayla,” we have an exciting exclusive interview with musician and mom, Rachel Platten. Rachel is widely known for her empowering anthem “Fight Song,” but she has also released several other inspirational tracks, including her latest release titled “Girls.” During the interview, Kayla had the opportunity to discuss various topics with Rachel, and in a short clip, they touched upon how Rachel manages her time away from her kids while pursuing her dreams.

In this clip, Rachel Platten opens up about the balancing act of being a mother and a musician. She shares her insights and personal experiences on handling the challenges of spending time away from her children while pursuing her career. Rachel’s honesty and authenticity shine through as she provides valuable perspectives on finding a healthy equilibrium between her passion for music and her role as a mom. This exclusive interview offers a glimpse into Rachel Platten’s life as a musician and the journey she navigates as a dedicated mother.