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Kid-ing with Kayla: My kid is the class clown. Now what?

Kid-ing with Kayla: Parent teacher conferences

Kid-ing with Kayla: To say I was shocked to hear my son is the class clown would be a lie. We love being silly in my household and I’ve managed to make a career out of it. However, with comedy, timing is everything! So, how do I teach that? How do I make sure my son doesn’t disrupt the education of other students?


Sources say no one is shocked 🤣 leave your parent teacher conference stories in the comments! #parentteacherconference #fyp #preschool

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I asked my followers to chime in on this topic. While some people said he’s too young to focus on this others had some useful tips and tricks!

One mother suggested having the teacher save a couple of minutes per day for my son to “take the stage” if you will. She said her son was the class clown and the kids looked forward to his silliness as a reward for being well-behaved that day.

Another parent said explaining the different times jokes are appropriate would be helpful like recess or lunchtime.

Other people made sure to warn about the dangers of discouraging Allan’s ability to make people smile and laugh. One commenter said “My advice comes from an Albert Einstein quote about how if you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree it will live his whole life thinking he’s stupid. Embrace Allan’s personality. It’s a gift!”

Parent teacher conferences are fun because you get to learn about how your son is perceived by others. It was interesting to hear that Allan is a natural leader and well liked but it was also a lot of pressure! I want him to be leading people to be kind and I wanted to make sure he was not encouraging bad behavior in class.

Luckily, the teacher assured me he has been kind, just a little silly. Knowledge is power and I’m so excited to start working with him on importance of leadership and the appropriate timing of making people laugh!

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