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Reel Tok with Kayla: The “car mom” reveals tips and tricks

Kid-ing with Kayla: The Car Mom on TikTok

Reel Tok with Kayla: In the market for a new family car? You may want to follow the car mom on social media!

According to her website, Kelly Stumpe is The Car Mom. As a mom and lover of all things automotive (she grew up in and around car dealerships!), Kelly recognized a need within the industry and jumped at the opportunity to offer her expertise.

Her brand mission is to empower moms and families to make the most informed and confident decision when car shopping.

“We want to create a positive car buying experience for both the female consumer and the dealership by dismantling outdated stereotypes between the two and changing the narrative of a traditionally male dominated industry,” said Stumpe on her site.


Let’s get ahead of this- you may seem some scary headlines coming out over the next few days, but @iihs_autosafety is just doing their job! Cars get safer every year- I know this is a lot to process.

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On social media, Stumpe has a wide range of car topics as well as just family content in general.

Looking to buy used? She has advice as to why that’s a good idea!

Kelly’s Instagram includes codes for the best deals as well as recipes and other entertaining useful family videos.

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