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Sentimental school lunch napkins go viral

Kid-ing with Kayla (Reel Tok) — Kim and Jack Rose are married with three children. It all started with Kim writing jokes on her son’s napkins for school lunch five years ago. Eventually, she ran out of jokes and Jack took over. Since their youngest couldn’t read yet, Jack said he started drawing pictures on the napkins instead. Kim posted this precious routine online and it went viral on multiple social platforms.

Kayla Sullivan interviewed the couple about this viral video.

“I’ve always just kind of doodled over the years,” said Jack. “It’s kind of fun and a little art outlet for myself.”

But the real reward is the positive reaction from their children.

“We tried to make it a surprise, you know? Like they first see it when they open it at lunch but it has become something that they are so excited for that they don’t want to wait anymore,” said Kim.

“Me too,” replied Jack. “I draw something I like and I’m so excited to show them!”

“They love it and you know they share it with their friends, I’ve had their teachers message me and share just how cool it is.”

Jack’s daughter even requested that he draw one for her friend at school too.

“I knew it meant something to us and it made my husband tear up when I showed him,” said Kim. “But I honestly had no idea that it was going to take off the way that it did and it was going to impact so many people the way it did.”

She said she was getting flooded with messages from people saying how their parents used to do that for them or they do this kind of thing for their children. She kept getting pictures of napkins that adults saved from when they were a kid. They emphasized how much it meant to them growing up and still to this day.

“Unexpected but so heartwarming,” said Kim.

Jack agreed that it made him emotional.

“Even if it didn’t go viral it made a big impact on me just to see it and have her do that. And honestly, when she was recording I was tired,” said Jack. “I was like, why are you recording me right now? But she did such a good job putting it together and it was just really nice.”

Kayla Sullivan added, “There’s a lot of guilt that comes with missing some of those moments like getting ready in the morning and things like that so what I love about this is it gives parents an idea on how to still be involved in their kid’s mornings even if they can’t still be there.”

Jack said he always just thought of it as a small gesture until this video went viral.

“I was like man, this really is more than just drawing little pictures,” said Jack.

Kim said she already had an idea of how much this meant to the kids when she asked her son if he wanted her to stop writing jokes on napkins in the 4th grade.

“Like are you embarrassed by it?” asked Kim. “And immediately he was like no, I love it!”

The kids choose not to use the napkins. Instead, they bring them home and their mom keeps them safe in a drawer.

“It’s just something that will give the kids a little bit of a reminder of how much we love them and we are thinking of them and we are missing them and rooting them on,” said Kim. “It doesn’t have to be a super big gesture it can be something as simple as drawing on a napkin.”

Kim said this is especially useful in a blended family, Jack’s daughter is with them every other weekend so, he sends napkins with home her to put in her lunch each day.

“That little bit of extra push goes a long way sometimes,” said Jack.

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