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Deer breaks into lingerie store

Deer breaks into lingerie store

LANSING, MI. (CNN) — A deer smashed through a glass door to break into a lingerie store over the weekend.

“We encountered a little bit of a wild adventure,” said Lauren Palmer, the owner of Curvaceous Lingerie.

The shops security cameras got the whole thing on tape. It showed the deer running full steam into the shop, and then knocking over several displays in it’s apparent attempt to find a piece of lingerie to buy.

The shops owner said employees were not quick to help the new customer.

“Everybody pretty much remained somewhat calm and just stayed out of the way. This was a big buck. It was not a small doe by any means, I mean, you are not going to mess with this deer,” said Palmer.

The deer walked the shop and eventually left after an employee opened the door the deer smashed through earlier.

The shop said they plan to try and use the incident to bolster sales.

“We’ve been having a rough season, so to have this on top of that is adding to the challenge, but we’re hoping that we can pivot and make light of it as we’ve tried to do with some of our signs and our social media, and move forward,” said Palmer.

Palmer said the deer was bleeding, but she doesn’t don’t know how injured it was.