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2023 Love Thy Neighborhood Awards

The Love Thy Neighborhood Awards, initiated by LISC Indianapolis in 2017, have become a beacon of recognition for those individuals and organizations who are tirelessly working to transform their communities in Central Indiana. Megan Bulla, Senior Communications Officer at LISC Indianapolis, highlights that these awards are a means to celebrate the unsung heroes. These community game-changers are making a profound difference in their neighborhoods.

The awards serve as a platform to showcase the inspiring stories often unfolding behind the scenes. Each category winner receives a substantial prize of $2,500 in unrestricted funds to further their mission. The acronym LOVE represents the four core award categories: Livability, Opportunity, Vitality, and Education, encompassing everything from access to art, nature, and recreation to supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, affordable housing options, and education initiatives.

In addition to these categories, there is a People’s Choice Award, with the winning organization receiving $5,000. It’s a powerful way to recognize and support the tireless efforts of those dedicated to improving their neighborhoods and communities.

The Love Thy Neighborhood Awards highlight remarkable finalists contributing significantly to Central Indiana’s community development. Among these outstanding organizations, Nine13 Sports stands out for its commitment to promoting health and wellness through youth biking programs. Other notable finalists include the Indy Black Chamber of Commerce and Emprendedoras Latinas Indiana, which are making significant strides in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship.

The affordable housing sector is also well-represented, with organizations like SEND’s Norwood Project and Englewood Village’s Alley House working diligently to provide quality and affordable housing options. All 12 finalists share a common goal: making their neighborhoods more inclusive and resilient places to live. The 7th Annual Love Thy Neighborhood Awards will be broadcast on WISH-TV this Saturday at 5 p.m., offering viewers an opportunity to celebrate and be inspired by these remarkable individuals and organizations. For more information about the Love Thy Neighborhood Awards and LISC Indianapolis, visit