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A trip to ‘Animal Town’ and ‘Little Hands on the Farm’ at the Indiana State Fair

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LIVE at the Indiana State Fair, the excitement in the air is palpable as families and visitors of all ages gather at the MHS Family Fun Park to immerse themselves in a world of wonder. At the forefront of the event is Anna Whelchel, a seasoned professional and the Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center, who passionately discusses the array of experiences awaiting the attendees.

In the first segment, the spotlight shines on “Animal Town,” an enchanting area where children and adults alike can connect with a variety of adorable animals. From fluffy rabbits to gentle sheep, this petting zoo offers an interactive and educational opportunity for guests to learn about animal care, fostering empathy and understanding for the creatures that share our world. Anna Whelchel highlights the importance of fostering this connection, nurturing a sense of responsibility for our fellow beings.

Moving on to the second segment, the focus shifts to the immensely popular “Little Hands on the Farm” exhibit, proudly presented by CollegeChoice 529 Savings Plans. With infectious enthusiasm, Whelchel shares that over 26,000 young aspiring farmers partake in this interactive mock farm experience annually. The exhibit is designed as a miniaturized farm, boasting 13 charming barns that offer engaging tasks for participants. Here, children can step into the shoes of a farmer, simulating tasks like collecting eggs from the chicken coop, planting seeds for future crops, and even “milking” a cow. This hands-on adventure not only entertains but also imparts essential lessons about agriculture, fostering a deep appreciation for where our food comes from. As Anna Whelchel emphasizes, this exhibit embodies the essence of experiential learning, making education a truly enjoyable and memorable endeavor for young minds.

Families and visitors of all ages are gathering at the Indiana State Fair to get their "little hands" on the farm at Animal Town!
(Life.Style.Live! Photo)

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