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Alexander Hotel chefs make meals for thousands of Hoosiers in need

Second Helpings has provided over 2000 meals for Hoosiers per-week, and during today’s show we caught up with Jeremy Martindale, executive chef for The Alexander Hotel who has partnered with them. He was joined by his team members, Eli Laidlaw, outlets chef and Latoya Clark, sous chef as they use their hotel kitchen to make 300 burrito bowls.

A partnership between The Alexander Hotel and Second Helpings is not only helping to feed hundreds of people in the Indianapolis area during a time of need but is also helping some people get back to work.

During a time where people have been ordered to stay home hotel kitchens which are usually fast-paced preparing to feed hundreds of people at a time are bare. The Alexander Hotel has transformed into a satellite kitchen for Second Helpings through a partnership with the Buckingham Foundation.

You can connect with those involved on their social media:

  • @Thealexanderhotel
  • @buckingham_co
  • @buckinghamfoundation 
  • @spudman207