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Almost Famous/Crema: Restaurant operates as coffee shop during day, bar at night

Almost Famous/Crema is a combination of a cocktail bar/restaurant, coffee shop and entertainment venue that’s already doing great as a new business, and it’s only getting better.

They will be starting more hot lunches during the week in March which will include rotating Spanish Tortillas, breakfast sandwiches and brunch every Saturday and Sunday. 

The shop is Crema during the day and Almost Famous for the evenings. This is also incorporated into their logo which was the idea of our graphic designer. They feature a flower that blooms in the morning for the Crema logo and a flower that blooms in the evening for the Almost Famous logo.

Today we were joined by sous chef Jordan Wiler and owner/operator Curtis McGaha. The dishes they prepared today included their in-house Baklava, Spinach and Swiss Melt, Ginger Shakerato Za’atar Shrimp and a cocktail called, “With the Coco” featuring aged rum with coconut cream, kiwi, pineapple, and banana.

Almost Famous/Crema is located at 721 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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