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American Senior Communities explains programs available to assist Seniors who need but cannot afford assisted living.

American Senior Communities along with CICOA are there to help navigate the Medicaid Waiver and Money Follows the Person programs that are in place to assist seniors who cannot generally afford assisted living.

People should know there are a lot of options on the type of services that are available as well as options for people who may have difficulty paying for services.” Orion Bell, President/CEO of CICOA

Rosewalk Assisted Living is one of just a few assisted livings that accept these programs.

Families that generally come in are looking for all options that they can for assisted living. We work very well with the folks at CICOA.  So when the families are coming in and they don’t know where to turn next, I have provided a lot of information on the processes.” Shelly McClintock, Director of Leasing, Rosewalk Assisted Living

What is a Medicaid Waiver?

In the past, Medicaid paid only for services at a nursing or group home. The Medicaid Waiver program “waives” the requirement of an admission into a nursing home in order to help pay for Assisted Living services. The Medicaid Waivers make use of federal Medicaid funds (plus state matching funds).
The goals of Waiver services are to provide meaningful and necessary services that respects personal choices while ensuring cost-effective care.
Assisted Living service is defined as personal care and services as well as homemaker, chore, attendant care and companion services.
Medication oversight (to the extent permitted under State law), therapeutic social and recreational programming are also included.
These services must be provided in a residential facility which is licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).
This service includes 24-hour on-site responses and staff to meet scheduled or unpredictable needs in a way that promotes dignity, independence, safety and security.
The Assisted Living service per diem does not cover room and board expense or environmental modifications.
For more information about the Medicaid Waiver program
Eligibility Requirements
• Age 65 or over; or Blind, or Disabled as determined by the Social Security Administration.
• Income must not exceed $2,190 or they will require a Miller’s Trust.
• Client must not exceed $2,000 in assets including all bank accounts and life insurance.