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Animals & All That Jazz feat. Jared Thompson and Premium Blend

Indianapolis Zoo’s Animals & All That Jazz Thursday Night Concert Series is celebrating its 36th year, offering a summer full of captivating performances. Each week, the concert series features a diverse lineup of the finest jazz musicians from the Midwest, encompassing genres such as smooth soul, blues, R&B, and more. Attendees will revel in live music and have the unique opportunity to interact with the zoo’s animals, which remained on exhibit until 7 p.m. To enhance the experience, the event featured a special themed menu, with a tantalizing new main entrée and dessert introduced every week, catering to the tastes of all guests.

(WISH Photo)

Among the impressive performers at Animals & All That Jazz, Jared Thompson and his ensemble, Premium Blend, will take the stage on July 6. at the Indianapolis Zoo. Led by talented saxophonist Jared Thompson, Premium Blend plans to captivate the audience with their original compositions, artfully combining elements of bebop, hard bop, R&B, and groove. Backed by the exceptional talents of guitarist-songwriter Ryan Taylor and keyboardist-songwriter Steven Jones, Thompson ensures a seamless performance by selecting an original composition. The concert, scheduled from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., promises an evening of unforgettable jazz and entertainment.