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Art and Soul: A portrait of Nancy Noel

Art and Soul: A portrait of Nancy Noel

The historic Brown County Art Gallery, founded in 1926 as part of the American Regional Art Movement, represents the rich artistic heritage of Brown County.

This region was a hub for a vibrant art colony, drawing talented artists who had honed their skills in art schools in America and Europe, creating impressionist-style paintings that captured the essence of the area.

Today, the gallery has transformed into a 15,000-square-foot art center, housing 60 contemporary artists and an Art Education Studio where workshops, classes, and community events take place.

Operated by a non-profit foundation, the gallery boasts a substantial permanent collection and hosts history-based programs, aligning with its mission to support Indiana artists of the past, present, and future.

Notably, the gallery has been chosen to represent prominent artists like Hoosier Music legend John Mellencamp and the family of the superstar artist Nancy Noel, further cementing its role as a guardian of artistic legacy and a vibrant hub for contemporary creativity.