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Ausome Indy provides vital support for children with Autism

REAL: Ausome Indy Provides Vital Support for Children with Autism

Ausome Indy, a local public nonprofit, is dedicated to offering life-changing resources for children with autism. They focus on providing sensory and safety support for children in foster care, kinship care, and beyond.

Ausome Indy also hosts events tailored to special needs families, creating a safe and welcoming environment for children with autism to enjoy traditional family and holiday activities.

Founded by Kate and Ellen Miller, Ausome Indy serves children with autism and their families through sensory support, sensory-friendly events, and the Ausome Indy Moms network.

The organization recognizes the challenges children with autism face when attending public events and traditional family gatherings due to sensory needs and other social and behavioral difficulties.

By offering an ausome-friendly environment, Ausome Indy allows families to participate in events and form friendships and support networks.

One of the key components of Ausome Indy is the Ausome Indy Moms network, which includes over 600 mothers.

This network provides a safe and welcoming space for families to connect, share experiences, and celebrate their lives together.

Ausome Indy is hosting a local retreat weekend for moms and kids, focusing on self-care, wellness, and social connection.

Kate and Ellen Miller joined us on the show to share more about their mission and upcoming events.

This event, the first of its kind, will take place at a private residence and support 50 ausome moms and families.

More information about the retreat can be found at

With one in 36 children diagnosed with autism, the rate continues to grow.

Ausome Indy aims to make Indianapolis a community where families can confidently raise children with autism.

For more information about Ausome Indy and its programs, visit