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Author Explains How Knowing Personality Types Helps Improve Family Relationships

Author Explains How Knowing Personality Types Helps Improve Family Relationships

Dominant. Inspiring. Supportive. Cautious.

Which personality are YOU? Karen Wagnon, Author, “My Three and Me,” says her company’s mission is to help people understand themselves and others in order to build better teams and improve relationships in the classroom and at home.

On today’s Indy Style, Karen says knowing your own personality type, along with your child/children’s personality type, helps improve your relationship!

Here’s more, as told by Karen:

• Both my personal and professional philosophy is based on the DISC model, which is the key to success in working with people. The DISC model says there are four personality types

  1. Dominant
  2. Inspiring
  3. Supportive
  4. Cautious

• Think of it in a similar way to the discussion about the five love languages (smile). You have to know which love language works for your mate.

E.g. My personality type is dominant and one of my children’s personality types is dominant, so of course we butted heads. Then I learned via the DISC model that the reason I was having challenges with one of my children was because he also had a dominant personality type. I learned that offering choices to a dominant personality child was more effective than giving him a directive. It also led to a more peaceful home.


You need to clean up your room now.


“You can clean up your room either before you go out to play with your friends OR after you play with your friends.”

• You can learn more about the other three personality types and how to work with them in my book, My Three and Me.

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