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Author Sandi Ballard talks fourth book ‘Leverage,’ helping others realize their potential

Sandi Ballard, a DiSC® certified business coach, has had a diverse career background, always filled with entrepreneurialism. She joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share how she helps others reach and realize their full potential.

At 24, she started her first business, V.C. Design & Marketing Studio, which had the tagline, “We Make YOU Look Good!”. She’s always had a passion for motivating people and helping them realize their potential!

Sandi is an award-winning business owner and is a four-time published author and has a weekly podcast titled “No More Excuses” for over six years. She’s traveled across the U.S. working with clients, facilitating team-building workshops for companies like Verizon, Revlon, and Bosch. She’s also spoken at National and Regional conferences with topics on leadership, time management, communication, and her favorite, how it’s NEVER too late to achieve your goals!

Her energetic, interactive speaking style keeps attendees engaged, connected, and ready to take action on what they learned!

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