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Back in the kitchen with Firefighter Tim

(WISH Photo)

Firefighter Tim joined us again with some new recipes to try in the kitchen, which included a healthy-ish edible cookie dough and a low-calorie high protein cheesecake with fresh berries. The cookie dough included ingredients like protein powder and maple syrup to create a very convincing replication of the real thing! Our hosts Kayla and Cody seemed to enjoy this easy recipe and said that they would recommend this to our viewers at home. The cheesecake was another story, this was not a studio favorite. This cheesecake replication utilized fresh ingredients like Greek yogurt and vanilla and hadn’t yet been tried by Firefighter Tim (this was a mistake). The ingredients were blended and then frozen in the fridge, but our hosts Amber and Randy weren’t fans of the concoction Tim had created. In fact, the entire studio burst into laughter following Tim’s presentation of the cheesecake. To our viewers and readers at home, this might be a recipe you want to skip. For this hilarious turn of events and more recipes to try at home, please visit us at!