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Back to school gadgets for the student in your life: Durable laptop, wearable smart thermometer, fingerprint lock, more

Whether ‘back to school’ is in the class room or the dining room, the right tools can make a big difference with the students in your world. David Novak, the Gadget Guy, has some helpful tech for them.


Tooktake is a simple dosage reminder system that lets you know if you took (or still need to take) your prescription, over-the-counter medication or vitamins/supplements. Unlike conventional pillboxes or complicated smart solutions, TookTake easily works for liquids and creams, as well as tablets, capsules and chewables. TookTake is available in three formats to cover most dosage requirements: hourly, daily, and 7-10 day intervals. TookTake’s Hourly dosage reminder labels are good for medication that needs to be taken multiple times a day, a certain number of hours apart. For medications or supplements that need to be taken once a day – every day – TookTake Daily is the answer. Moreover, the most common dosages for short-term medications, especially things like antibiotics, is every 7 or 10 days, either once or twice a day. By simply placing the TookTake label on the medication bottle, you can avoid all of the stress and confusion. Each day, after you take the required dosage, simply peel off the perforated tab that corresponds to the day of the prescription. You can quickly see at a glance if a medication was taken in a timely manner.  $4.99; three-packs are $15 on Amazon at

Durabook S15AB

Durabook’s S15AB features the largest screen (15.6” FHD display) in its class, it is the lightest (just 5.73 lbs) and thinnest 15” (1.16” in thickness) rugged laptop. It can operate up to 13 hours and it’s certified with IP5X and MIL-STD-810G (Drop, Shock, Vibration, Dust, High/Low Temperature, Humidity). With its lightweight, toughness, and an ergonomic hard handle – it’s a perfect computing solution for students on the go. The S15AB not only provides students the best performance, mobility, and durability; it also meets the student’s and parent’s budget on buying a laptop, with rugged features as a plus and comes with a 3-year warranty. $1615,


NIRA Temp is a wearable smart thermometer that provides real-time insight into the user’s temperature and sends alerts at the first sign of a health concern, which can be used for children as they head back to school this fall.With the NIRA Temp thermometer, parents can better ensure that their kids are healthy before and during all social interaction to help protect against the spread of disease. Early fever detection and customizable alerts allows users to be proactive and take immediate, appropriate action. NIRA Temp is simple to use, comfortable, and effective. You can now monitor the health of you and your loved ones, being in-the-know with cutting edge medical monitoring technology. $49;

HarmoniQ Wireless Earbuds

None of us are 100% sure what back to school will look like this year. What we’re certain about though is that it will be a pretty unusual return. Whether you are going fully back to your daily routines or will be partly participating in life online, you’ll definitely need a pair of good quality earbuds. Lytte HarmoniQ  (pronounced ‘lit harmonic’, meaning listen in Norwegian) brings together 3D printing, Hi-Fi sound quality, noise isolation and all-day comfort. These earbuds are the culmination of sound engineering, tuning, and audio lab testing. Each pair is the result of 80 minutes, and 896 layers of digital light printing, followed by at least 30 minutes of hand-polish process. $109;

FlexSafe Interchangeable Fingerprint Lock

Going back to school includes the need to lock up your bookbag, a lock for your locker, and a lock for your gym bag. Even if you’re just going to the basketball courts, it’s a good idea to lock your backpack to the fence. Invented by the founders of AquaVault which you may remember from Shark Tank, Jonathan Kinas, Rob Peck and Avin Samtani decided to develop and patent a new Biometric Fingerprint Lock to replace all locks. This device stores up to 10 different fingerprints, can be used up to 1,000 times without being charged, is waterproof and most importantly of all, it comes with four unique interchangeable cables (long, short, thick, thin) that can easily be swapped out depending on the use. Say goodbye to the days of having to remember codes and spin dials. This seemingly simple yet intricate design was meant to evoke a sense of quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. $80;

Edge Wireless Charging Mouse

Enjoy hassle-free power with this innovative twist on your everyday mouse pad. Mobile Edge breaks the mold with the new Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. This 2-in-1 desktop product provides an ultra-slim, solid surface for your mouse, and doubles as a wireless charger for your smartphone! No more plugging and unplugging charging cables every time you need to step away from your desk, just place your Qi-enabled device onto the pad to immediately start charging! Perfect for home school and even the office environment. $34.99;

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