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Baking with fresh fruit recipes from registered dietitian

We’re all spending more time at home, which means more time to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. Chef and Registered Dietitian, Michelle Dudash is joining us with delicious ways to incorporate fresh fruit into your next baking endeavor, for both flavor and nutrition. Here’s more from Michelle:

A Quick Bread for Breakfast, Snack…or Dessert!

This Mango Bread can be a nice
breakfast or snack, but it’s just sweet enough to enjoy as an after-dinner
dessert as well.

I love fresh, sweet flavors to
brighten up traditional baked treats. As a Chef, I specifically love fresh
mangos because they add bright flavor and great texture to baked goods, and as
an RD I appreciate the health-promoting nutrients that are found in this

The natural sweetness that
mango brings to dishes might feel like a treat, but mangos are classified as a
low glycemic food, which can be helpful for managing blood sugar levels,
according to the American Diabetes Association.

Mangos are a must-have on my
shopping list because they are packed with nutrients, especially vitamin C – a
¾ cup serving provides 50% of the daily value. Mangos are also a good source of
folate and copper. And the good news is that mangos are always in-season and
available fresh year-round, thanks to the six varieties that have staggered
growing seasons.

If you’re looking for another
bread spread idea, I recommend almond butter. Almonds and mangos are a perfect
pairing, plus the protein and good fats in almond butter help keep you
satisfied longer.

Baking tips from Michelle:

Pour the flour into measuring cups instead of scooping into the flour, so you get the right amount of flour.

Fold dry ingredients into wet ingredients just until moistened for the most tender, delicate bread.

Lighter Muffins Made with Fruit and Whole Grains

For a lighter breakfast option, I love these Mango Breakfast Muffins. With ingredients like mango, flax and oats, these muffins are a nutritious way to start your day.

If you like to put a spread on
your muffins, you might like to try a drizzle of warmed coconut butter on these,
which adds on even more fiber and minerals.

Check out for more information on the health-promoting properties of mango and lots of recipe inspiration. Mangos are widely available in supermarkets now…and remember you can buy fresh mangos, peel and cut into cubes and stash in your freezer to always have on hand.

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