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Behind the Bricks: Crown Hill Cemetery

Behind the Bricks: Crown Hill Cemetery

In this episode of “Behind the Bricks,” we delve into the fascinating and lesser-known stories connecting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Crown Hill Cemetery, offering race fans a unique perspective on this historical link.

Crown Hill Cemetery holds deep ties to the Indianapolis 500 and IMS, with notable initiatives like “The Final Finish Line” project, which features original Culver Bricks honoring IMS founders and over 60 individuals from the racing world buried at Crown Hill.

The Medallion Project, introduced in 2019, marks significant graves and mausoleums within the cemetery. In 2021, Crown Hill launched a self-guided tour for racing enthusiasts to explore these racing-related sites.

Besides the four IMS founders, the cemetery is the final resting place for three Indy 500 winners, including Wilcox, Schneider, and Davis, as well as Cannon Ball Baker, the victor of the first IMS race in 1909, and the legendary Johnny Aitken, the winningest driver in IMS history.

As a special highlight, the episode takes fans on an exclusive journey inside Carl Fisher’s Mausoleum, revealing the resting place of the IMS visionary himself and the intriguing story of JJ Hammond, a New Zealand WWI pilot whose remains Fisher kept until after the war ended, and who remains in the mausoleum to this day.

This unexpected episode sheds light on these hidden connections and offers insights into Crown Hill’s unique role in motorsports history, and fans can go on similar tours to explore these stories for themselves.