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Behind the Bricks: Inside the IMS TV Compound

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Social Media Specialist Zach Horrall provides us with insights into the incredible work that goes into creating a truly special TV production experience. The scale of activity and the vastness of our compound are mind-boggling, with numerous trucks and a multitude of talented individuals working tirelessly.

An extended episode of Behind the Bricks, offers a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing the intricacies that often go unnoticed. It’s fascinating to witness the innovative techniques employed to capture stunning footage, like the use of robotic cameras placed in areas too hazardous for humans.

This technology allows the IMS to provide fans with unique perspectives, whether it’s a camera right on the wall or inside a car, delivering unparalleled visuals. The episode also highlights the importance of audio in creating an immersive experience. Dedicated professionals, such as the sound engineer solely responsible for managing engine sounds, ensuring viewers hear every thrilling detail. T

The level of teamwork and effort is immense, with each TV truck accommodating around 30 individuals. It was particularly captivating to learn about the sound engineer’s role and experience the stark contrast when the engine sounds were muted during the broadcast.

The episode emphasized the vital role sound plays in enhancing the racing experience. The meticulous work behind the scenes ultimately results in an incredible viewing experience for those unable to attend the races in person. Make sure to catch the episode of Behind the Bricks for an incredibly interesting behind-the-scenes look.