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Behind The Bricks: Prepping for dirt track racing

Behind The Bricks: Prepping for dirt track racing

Tune in to this special episode of “Behind the Bricks” as Doug Boles, the President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, takes us behind the scenes to unveil the intricate process of creating a semi-permanent dirt track inside Turn 3 for the upcoming Driven2SaveLives BC39 race.

The preparations for this dirt race start weeks before the event, with the installation of temporary grandstands in early September and assistance from Kokomo Speedway to perfect the dirt surface.

Tasks such as rock picking, grating, watering, and packing are all part of the elaborate track preparation.

In fact, this week alone, an astonishing 100,000 gallons of water will be applied to ensure the track’s optimal condition for over 70 racers competing.

Doug Boles not only shares the science behind readying a dirt track for national-level USAC competition but also gets hands-on experience operating the grader and watering truck.

Be sure to catch this episode for an exclusive look at the magic behind the dirt track’s transformation.

Doug Boles also answers key questions about the track’s preparation timeline, the importance of Kokomo Speedway’s involvement, and his affinity for the grader, and he gives fans a glimpse of what to expect during the Driven2SaveLives BC39 weekend.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and grab your tickets and schedule information for the event!