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Behind the Bricks: Victory Podium Flowers at IMS

Behind the Bricks: Flowers

IMS Horticulturist Abby Head joins Daybreak for a look at what goes into selecting the flowers that decorate the track and grounds

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a horticulturist on staff to take care of its many plants and flowers. With 7,000 in-ground plants and 200 flowers on Victory Podium, it’s a big job!

In this episode of Behind the Bricks, IMS President Doug Boles works with Abby Head, the horticulturist at IMS. Abby explains how she orders, cares for, and arranges the flowers for May and the Indy 500.

This episode aims to show race fans a behind-the-scenes look at the flowers on the Victory Podium, an important but often overlooked part of the Indy 500.

Viewers will learn how the flowers get there, who takes care of them, and what happens to them after the race. It highlights the effort and care that goes into making the Speedway look beautiful.

Abby Head is in charge of all the flowers and landscaping at IMS, which spans nearly 1,000 acres.

She orders the flowers, plants them, and ensures they look perfect for race day. Her work is essential in keeping the Speedway beautiful for the Month of May and other events.

Tune in to this episode of Behind the Bricks to discover the colorful and beautiful side of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!