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Beloved Author Mitch Albom talks new novel, “The Little Liar”

The Little Liar by Mitch Albom

He has written seven number-one New York Times bestsellers – including a favorite among many, “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

Now, Mitch Albom is sharing more about his powerful new novel, “The Little Liar.” Here’s more:

Beloved bestselling author Mitch Albom returns with a powerful novel that moves from a coastal Greek city during the Holocaust, to America, where the intertwined lives of three survivors are forever changed by the perils of deception and the grace of redemption. 

“The Little Liar” is a moving parable (and Albom’s first novel set during the Holocaust) that explores honesty, survival, revenge and devotion, Narrated by the voice of Truth itself, it is a timeless story about the harm we inflict with our deceits, and the power of love to ultimately redeem us. 

Eleven-year-old Nico Krispis never told a lie. When the Nazi’s invade his home in Salonika, Greece, the trustworthy boy is discovered by a German officer, who offers him a chance to save his family. All Nico has to do is convince his fellow Jewish residents to board trains heading to “new homes” where they are promised jobs and safety. Unaware that this is all a cruel ruse, the innocent boy goes to the station platform every day and reassures the passengers that the journey is safe. But when the final train is at the station, Nico sees his family being loaded into a large boxcar crowded with other neighbors. Only after it is too late does Nico discover that he helped send the people he loved—and all the others—to their doom at Auschwitz. 
Nico never tells the truth again. 

In “The Little Liar” Mitch Albom interweaves the stories of Nico, his brother Sebastian, and their schoolmate Fanni, who miraculously survive the death camps and spend years searching for Nico, who has become a pathological liar, and the Nazi officer who radically changed their lives. As the decades pass, Albom reveals the consequences of what they said, did, and endured. 
Mitch Albom is the author of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction, which have collectively sold more than forty million copies in forty-eight languages worldwide. He has written seven number-one New York Times bestsellers – including Tuesdays with Morrie, the bestselling memoir of all time, which topped the list for four straight years – award-winning and critically acclaimed TV films, stage plays, screenplays, a nationally syndicated newspaper column, and a musical. He lives with his wife, Janine, in Michigan.