Blueberry Hill Pancake House shows off their breakfast specialties

We had Breakfast on Blueberry Hill today! We were joined by Aldy Labrador, Director of Business Development, McFarling Foods and Jose Torrijos, Owner and Chef at Blueberry Hill Pancake House who showed us how he makes their Mexican Breakfast Skillet and Blueberry Crepes with cheesecake Filling. Here’s more from them.

Breakfast is back! Experts say that there will be a surge in business as we emerge from COVID restrictions. “People love to have their morning meal expertly prepared” says one industry executive.

Chef Jose has been in the restaurant industry for many years. He’s a longtime customer of McFarling Foods, and became owner/operator of Blueberry Hill in 2015.

About Blueberry Hill:

  • Blueberry Hill is a longtime fixture on the East side, right off 465
  • They only use fresh ingredients
  • Neighborhood favorite with many regular customers
  • Friendly and welcoming, “homey” atmosphere
  • Breakfast and lunch daily until 4pm
  • Everything they make is HOMEMADE. They do not use fruit from a can.

You can find, Blueberry Hill Pancake House at 7803 E Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46219.

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