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Brown Hound Studios hosts Father’s Day welding class

Welding 101 with Brown Hound Studios

Brown Hound Studios, owned by artist Scott Osborne, is offering a unique Father’s Day class titled “Welding 101.” The hands-on, four-hour introductory course is designed for beginners and provides a safe and enjoyable experience under the guidance of an expert instructor.

Osborne, who has been creating and showcasing art for over a decade, specializes in integrating found objects into his works. His journey into art began during his time at the Herron School of Art and Design, where he identified a need for creative community spaces in northside Indianapolis. This realization led him to establish Brown Hound Studios, aiming to provide a supportive and educational environment for artists and visitors.

The class will feature the creation of a metal pencil holder, a project that Osborne demonstrates. Alongside this, he will showcase other pieces, including a flatware rabbit and a flatware salt and pepper holder, giving viewers a glimpse into his creative process and the types of materials he enjoys working with.

Osborne discusses his artistic journey, his favorite materials, and his current projects, including the Father’s Day welding class. “I wanted to create a space where artists could come together and be creative,” Osborne said, emphasizing the community-focused mission of Brown Hound Studios.

For more information about the class and other offerings at Brown Hound Studios, visit their website at The studio continues to be a hub for creativity, offering various classes and events to engage and inspire the local artistic community.