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Bryan Bailey, author of Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, joins Patty Spitler

Many of us describe out pets as members of our family, but is treating them like humans a “bad” thing? Patty Spitler, of Pet Pals TV, along with Bryan Bailey, AKA The Wolf Whisperer and his dog Captain, join Amber for an honest discussion about embracing the wild in our dogs and why teaching them good behaviors isn’t as simple as “sit” and “stay.”

In his book, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, Bryan teaches us:

• His top tips for getting started with training a new dog

• Specific tips for dog-related issues such as aggression towards dogs and/or humans, chewing, jumping, submissiveness, fear, etc.

• Why it’s appropriate to think of your dog as a domestic wolf instead of a little human in a fur coat

• Why dog aggression is on the rise and the importance of understanding that it cannot be trained out, bred out or medicated out

• Why we must lead, or be led. Social predators don’t have a place for equality

• The many different methodologies to dog training and how to find the right fit for your dogAbout Bryan Bailey:

Bryan Bailey is a nationally-recognized, award-winning animal behaviorist, who has shared his expertise with Fox & Friends, SiriusXM,, Dog World, At Home Mid-South Tennessee, Bloom Magazine, and Fox News, along with veterinarians, dog owners and celebrities.

Bailey’s unique qualifications also include: nationally-certified Master Trainer and Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist, decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy, working extensively as a supervisor and trainer for the U.S. Navy’s dolphin and sea lion projects, honor graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with duties including training supervisor of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department K-9 narcotics detection, and search and rescue teams, and trainer for the Indiana Department of Health and Social Services to train service dogs for children with Muscular Dystrophy. He has also studied canine problem solving and pharmacotherapy at Cornell and Tufts University, wolf behavior and social dynamics at Battleground Indiana and Ely Minnesota wolf conservatories, is a certified Veterinary Technician, and has professionally shown dogs in AKC Obedience, Conformation, Schutzhund and Ring Sport.

His first book, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, is a culmination of his experiences and expertise and will be soon followed by his second title, The Hammer – Understanding Canine Aggression, set for release in 2016. Bailey and his wife, Kira, reside in Memphis, TN, with their children, dogs, and cats. Together, they own ProTrain Memphis and Taming the Wild.

You can learn more about Bailey at