Building Career Confidence: Growing in your current role

In our series Building Career Confidence, today Lindsay Boccardo, generational consultant and millennial career coach talks about growing in your current role.

happens if you love your organization, you want to stay, but you’re feeling a
little stale? How do you grow when a promotion isn’t an option?

of us want someone to believe in us, pay us as we grow and give us grace and
patience in the meanwhile. Unfortunately, most of us have to GROW first, in our
own time, using our own energy and having our own drive. Here are three ways
you can grow on your own this fall.

Interview your heroes:

Find people who are doing your dream job (they don’t have to be in your organization) and interview them. Ask them what training they have, what books they are reading, what continuing education they have participated in. Follow in their footsteps in your own unique way.

Look for problems that you’d be interested in solving:

There are likely ways that you can add value and learn a new skill (and in the future, a raise) by showing what else you can bring to the table. If you can see a better way of doing something, if you have a new strategy that you think is more effective, – this is your chance to shine without the pressure of it being on your job description.

Take a course on creativity, emotional intelligence or persuasion:

LinkedIn Learning did research from their own users and found that these are some of the most highly rated soft skills that are in demand in 2020. 

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