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Celebrate National Cheese Day with Vino Mobile Bar

In honor of National Cheese Day we had two special guests join us this Friday morning! Melissa Neidlinger of Vino Mobile Bar and Christy Johnson of The Bountiful Board joined us to discuss the perfect pairing of wine and cheese, as well as tips for curating a delightful cheese board for entertainment.

Melissa Neidlinger is the owner of Vino Mobile Bar, a Mobile Wine Truck that serves wine and beer at public and private events throughout Indiana. Christy Johnson is from The Bountiful Board, an expert in creating unique and delicious charcuterie boards.

During the show, we discussed what kinds of cheeses pair best with white and red wine. Melissa and Christy provided valuable insights into these pairings, highlighting the flavors and textures that complement each other perfectly.

They also shared tips on curating a cheese board that will impress your guests, including dos and don’ts for creating a visually appealing and delicious spread.

For more information about Vino Mobile Bar, you can visit their website at Likewise, The Bountiful Board can be found at

We are excited to present this segment on National Cheese Day, bringing together the expertise of Melissa Neidlinger and Christy Johnson to celebrate the art of pairing wine and cheese.

Be sure to watch the full interview above to learn more about these exquisite cheese and wine pairings perfect for any special occasion!