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Celebrating 80 pets with Indy Humane’s ‘Adventure Tail’ dog event

(WISH Photo)

We are thrilled to welcome Donna Casamento, the CEO of IndyHumane, along with an adorable dog companion whose details will be shared by Colleen. Representing Hensley Legal Group, Erin Peckinpaugh, the VP of Marketing & Corporate Responsibility, joined us as well! This occasion marks a joyous celebration of a remarkable milestone: the sponsorship of 80 pets in partnership with IndyHumane. Every Friday, they spotlight an adoptable pet through our social channels and cover the entirety of their adoption fees, reflecting their commitment to animal welfare and community support.

Additionally, we are excited to share news about Indy Humane’s upcoming “Adventure Tail” event, scheduled in honor of National Dog Day on August 26th. This event offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals to participate by signing up to spend a day alongside a dog companion. To enhance the experience, Hensley will be contributing handkerchiefs and treats for these four-legged adventurers, adding an extra touch of fun and care to the event. We are truly thrilled to collaborate with Indy Humane in creating meaningful and memorable experiences for both animals and our community.

Indy Humane is organizing a special event named “Adventure Tail” in celebration of National Dog Day on August 26th. This unique event allows people to register for the chance to spend a day with an adorable dog companion. To make this experience even more special, Hensley Legal Group will be providing delightful handkerchiefs and tasty treats for the participating dogs. It’s a wonderful way for people to celebrate their love for dogs while contributing to a great cause.