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Celebrating National Baklava Day with Taziki’s

Celebrating National Baklava Day

Taziki’s is thrilled to celebrate the launch of their exciting new menu item, Baklava Cheesecake, in conjunction with National Baklava Day, a yearly event that falls on November 17th.

Building on the success of introducing Baklava Cheesecake as a holiday treat in select markets last year, Taziki’s is now making it a permanent addition to its menu at all locations.

This dessert offers a modern twist on the traditional Greek dessert, blending sweet, creamy, and nutty flavors to provide a decadent conclusion to a Mediterranean meal.

What makes Taziki’s Baklava Cheesecake truly special is its 20+ year partnership with Hellas Bakery, located in Tarpon Springs, FL, and owned by a wonderful Greek family.

Hellas Bakery, founded in 1970, is known for its authenticity, baking all pastries fresh daily using only the finest ingredients, adding to the richness of this delightful dessert.