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Celebrating National Mocktail Week with recipes from the Simple Goodness Sisters

The Simple Goodness Sisters, Belinda and Venise, joined us today to share mocktail recipes using their line of garden-to-glass drink syrups to elevate any boring beverage to a sophisticated, next level drinking experience. Here’s more from them.

Alongside Dry January, this week serves as a reminder that we can skip the alcohol and still feel special, celebrated, satisfied. As many have been drinking their way through the quarantine this can be a reset to better habits in the new year.

What is Garden to Glass You Ask? 

Rethink how you build your favorite cocktail by starting with where your ingredients are sourced. By harvesting goodness straight from the garden and keeping preservatives and chemicals out of all of the recipes, the Simple Goodness Sisters bring a Happier Hour to you. Simple Goodness Sisters introduces a line of specialty non-alcoholic cocktail syrups made to easily elevate your mocktails and cocktails right from home. Its Garden to Glass drink syrups use the best ingredients possible to make the tastiest and easiest drinks at home. Flavors include Huckleberry Spruce, Rhubarb Vanilla Bean, Berry Sage, Lemon Herb, Marionberry Mint, and Blueberry Lavender.

With their cocktail kits, make a Lemon Drop just BYOB. Or how about a holiday spritz? Level up your cocktail game with floral salt rimmers too. With these fabulous syrups, become a home botanical mixologist, and impress your family and friends by crafting fun delicious concoctions they’ll want to try themselves (hint: great gift idea!) Get creative with your syrup: drizzle over vanilla ice cream, pound cake, or even DIY popsicles!

About Simple Goodness Sisters:

The Simple Goodness Sisters are two sisters who left the corporate world to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. After receiving repeated requests for their secret cocktail recipes, the sisters decided to bottle their talents in a line of specialty cocktail syrups. The syrups feature herbs grown on the farm and flavor profiles that are distinctly Pacific Northwest. They use their farm roots to source hyper local ingredients from their farm friends and neighbors. As their businesses grow they hope to inspire others to grow and mix garden to glass cocktails in their own gardens and kitchens. Follow them on Instagram @simplegoodnesssisters.

Now open, the sisters are excited to announce The Simple Goodness Soda Shop.

The Soda Shop will be the booziest coffee shop you’ve ever been to, or the most family-friendly bar. The menu will feature ice cream, sundaes, shakes, Panini sandwiches with seasonal salads, homemade pickles, homemade pesto, spreads, and jams, hearty snacks, waffle sticks, and OF COURSE, #gardentoglass cocktails.