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Chicken vs. Hot Dog…are you up for the challenge?

(WISH Photo)

Get ready to dive into a side-splitting showdown as James Vaughan, the Head of Game Development at Big Potato Games, brings a hilarious new challenge to your screens. Introducing the Chicken vs. Hot Dog Challenge, a zany twist on the viral bottle-flipping trend that’s set to unleash uproarious fun and bring plenty of laughter to your studio. The ultimate question: Are you Team Chicken or Team Hot Dog?

Big Potato Games is launching this uproarious party game, taking a lighthearted spin on the popular bottle-flipping phenomenon. Set to hit Target stores nationwide in the first week of August, this game promises to be a riotous addition to your gaming collection. As part of the celebration, your on-air talent will be pitted against each other in a “flip it and stick it” face-off, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition.

Designed for both casual chats and friendly coworker rivalries, the Chicken vs. Hot Dog Challenge is an effortlessly enjoyable experience that is bound to get everyone laughing out loud. With James Vaughan from Big Potato Games leading the way, this game will not only keep your audience entertained but also have your talent rolling in laughter as they embrace the delightful chaos of the challenge. So, whether it’s for a quick break or a full-on gaming session, get ready to join the laughter-filled frenzy of the Chicken vs. Hot Dog Challenge.

(WISH Photo)