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Claudia Lombana shares back-to-school trends

(WISH Photo)

In the context of the back-to-school challenge that many parents face when it comes to getting their kids excited about returning to the classroom, consumer shopping expert Claudia Lombana joins the conversation from Atlanta. Teaming up with Disney, Claudia is poised to share the latest trends in school supplies and fashions that offer both excitement and a touch of magic. As an accomplished journalist with multiple Emmy awards and a Peabody Award under her belt, Claudia Lombana brings her expertise to the forefront, providing insights into the importance of sparking enthusiasm in kids for the upcoming school year. Viewers can anticipate an engaging discussion as Claudia unveils a range of fun items for younger students, offers ideas for older kids, suggests magical ways to ignite excitement about learning, and delves into the trending fashions and gifts that will make the return to school an enjoyable and memorable experience. For those seeking more information about these trends and products, Claudia’s segment promises to provide a valuable and inspiring guide for the upcoming school season.