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‘Commit to One’ and prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer survivors and young mothers, Lauren Dages and Markeeta Morrow, are joining forces to raise awareness about breast cancer in women under 40.

They were both diagnosed with Stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer in their early 30s and are now encouraging young women to sign the “Commit to One” pledge to do one breast self-exam per month.

Mammograms are not recommended until age 40, so this self-care practice can save lives.

During the segment, Lauren and Markeeta shared their personal stories, the importance of monthly self-exams, and their message to other young women.

They have the support of a cancer team from Community Health Network MD Anderson Cancer Centers, one of only six MD Anderson partners in the world and the only partner in the Midwest.

Viewers can learn more about the “Commit to One” pledge and breast care resources on the organization’s website.

Breast cancer is a serious concern for women under 40, with 9% of women diagnosed with breast cancer falling into this age group, and the disease is often more aggressive and difficult to treat in younger women.